Tension As 26 Year Old Man Dies From Broken Bottles Mounted By Policeman In Ogun

Tension As 26 Year Old Man

Dies From Broken Bottles

Mounted By Policeman In


The terrible passing of a young in the Sango region of Ado-

Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State has started fights

by occupants who are requesting justice.Funmilayo Oyediji’s

demise was said to have been brought about by some sharp

items planted by an anonymous cop in Oju Odo part of Iloye in


The episode, as indicated by sources, happened the penultimate


It was said that the 26-year-elderly person was on a visit to his

folks on Oyalowo Street in Iloye region when he kicked the

bucket in the wake of falling on ad libbed security metal and

broken jugs supposedly raised by the anonymous police officer

who has since blasted.

Furious occupants, particularly young people in the network have

since pledged not to relinquish the issue until equity is finished.

Oyediji’s chest was said to have been pierced by the

extemporized objects prompting his passing at a close by

emergency clinic.

It was said that the occurrence occurred at sunset, while the

police officer that planted the sharp articles was cruel.

Oyediji was said to have left his folks’ living arrangement to

charge his cell phone following a force blackout when he slipped

and fell on the items raised by the police officer on a revealed

solid waste.

An observer just recognized as Mrs Ojelabi said she was getting

back when she ran into the expired right away before the


She stated: “I was going out to get a few things in the local when

I ran into the perished close to the spot where he fell on the

raised metals and broken containers at around 7 pm.

“Being the giddy individual he was known for, he traded chat with

me and attempted to split a few jokes yet I was hurrying home at

that point. When I thought back, he had slipped and fallen on the

sharp items and had his chest penetrated.

“But instead than feel for him, the cop who planted the sharp

articles came out and reprimanded the expired for not being

cautious. He was hurried to a close by medical clinic by

supporters however he kicked the bucket.”

Oyediji’s senior sibling, Abiola, accused the passing of his sibling

for the sharp items planted by the escaping police officer.

He stated: “I live at Oshodi. I just come around on ends of the

week to give our matured guardians their upkeep remittance.

“I was told on the telephone that Funmilayo was engaging with

life after he fell on the sharp metal and jugs mounted close to a

seepage around Oju Odo zone of Iloye and that his chest was


“I was told he had lost so much blood and that they required cash

to treat him. I even moved an entirety of N100,000 to them for his

treatment. Lamentably, he passed on a couple of hours after the


“Unfortunately, I was informed that the blundering police officer

who additionally visited the emergency clinic in organization with

certain seniors of the network had darted before my landing in

the medical clinic.

“The people group pioneers didn’t generally show worry with the

exception of one Elder Keshinro.”

Another inhabitant, Kayode Olugade, said the police officer who

planted the sharp items that slaughtered Oyediji acted illicitly.

He stated: “The kid that passed on was notable to me. The people

group pioneers around there are additionally guilty on the

grounds that once you manufacture a house, you reserve no

privilege to stretch out your development to an open seepage.”

The dispossessed mother of the perished, Mrs Kikelomo Oyediji

asked the specialists worried to guarantee that equity was done in

the passing of her child.

She stated: “My child ventured out from home on that pivotal day

to charge his cell phone a few lanes from our home in light of the

fact that there was a force blackout.

“He fell on the sharp metal and jugs since he was curious about

the territory since he was done living with us. The specialists

ought to guarantee the guilty party is captured and rebuffed.”

It was assembled that the lamenting family couldn’t report the

occurrence to the police.

A source who talked in certainty anyway clarified that the case

was accounted for at an anonymous police headquarters by some

concerned network pioneers.

It was said that the occurrence made commotion as occupants

raged the police officer’s habitation so as to secure him.

The police officer, as per sources, anyway fled on locating the


He was said to have been accompanied a few hours after the fact

by some cops who discharged inconsistent shots to startle

abused inhabitants.

The anonymous cop was said to have left with a portion of his

assets and has since not returned.

“The police officer being referred to vanished after he got wind

that some abused occupants were intending to assault his living


“Nobody knows his name since he doesn’t generally cooperate

with anybody in this network,” a source who professed to be one

of the adolescent heads in the network said.

It was said that he was later accompanied by a group of police

officers to move a portion of his things out of his home to an

obscure goal.

“The police officer left everybody at the emergency clinic on the

affection that he was going to search for cash to cover the

medical clinic tab of the perished who was in a basic condition at

the clinic.

“We didn’t realize that he needed to flee from home.

“Some police officers later accompanied the police officer to

move a portion of his own things. They were shooting shots

inconsistently to prevent wronged occupants from assaulting the

police officer fingered in the demise of the youngster,” said an

inhabitant who asked not to be named.

Occupants revealed to The Nation that the episode was

accounted for to the police however nothing was done to censure

the police officer.

It was said that some furious young people later raged the cop’s

habitation and vandalized his structure after they found that he

had blasted.

One of the adolescents in the network, recognized basically as

Mobolaji, said the police officer must be secured to respond in

due order regarding his complicity in Oyediji’s demise.

He stated: “One thing is certain: we (the young) have decided not

to mess with this issue until equity is served to placate the spirit

of the kid, who was one of us.

“It is dismal that the police, who normally ought to capture the

said cop, are the ones protecting him and helping him to get

away from when occupants raged his home to catch him. This is

totally the tallness of bad form and we won’t take it.”

Police representative, Abimbola Oyeyemi, was not accessible for

remarks when our columnist called his cell phone at press time.