How My Four-Year-Old Daughter Was Abducted From School, Sold For N2 Million

How My Four-Year-Old Daughter Was Abducted From School, Sold For N2 Million

How My Four-Year-Old

Daughter Was Abducted From

School, Sold For N2 Million

The truth occurred to her late toward the evening when every

other person came back from school however there was no sight

of Mercy. Obscure to them, a man whose character is yet to be

uncovered had kidnapped the hapless young lady and took her to

a halfway house where Philomena Okoye, a lady in urgent need of

a kid, obtained her with N2 million as part installment.

Clarifying how she came about Mercy, Okoye said she had been

hitched for a considerable length of time without a youngster,

subsequently she chose to receive a child from a halfway house in

Nnewi, Anambra State in November a year ago, who ended up

being Mercy.

“I was informed that the kid’s mom carried her to the home

(halfway house) on the reason that she had such a large number

of youngsters to provide food for,” she stated, including that she

made a section installment of N2 million and was given archives

with that impact.

She, be that as it may, said she was not engaged with the

snatching of the youngster.

Leniency herself had said that she was detracted from her school

by a man soon after the school excused.

“The following spot I ended up was amidst other kids before I was

at long last removed by a lady who took me to her home,” she


‘How my little girl got missing’

As per Nwadiukwu, her little girl had left for school in the first

part of the day of that game changing day along with her kin with

no notion of the destiny that would come to pass for her.

She stated: “It was on November 13, 2019. I was in my shop

where I sell sweet potatoes when a lady on evangelism went to

my shop and revealed to me that I was going to lose something


“She prompted that I should offer the cash I expected to restock

my shop with as penance to God. Much to my dismay that it was

a prescience that would be satisfied inside a couple of hours.

“At the point when it was the ideal opportunity for my kids to

come back from school, the others returned however I didn’t see

Mercy. My first girl who she regularly got back home with said

she thought she had brought effectively back.

“I began making calls yet no one, including the educators,

appeared to know her whereabouts. Some said she more likely

than not tailed one of the aunts. It resembled a joke.

“I raced to the police headquarters and announced the issue.

They imparted signs to every one of their stations over the state. I

additionally gave out the declaration to radio broadcasts in the

state just as town messengers, with some of them gathering cash.

“I additionally sent messages to all the petition houses around.

There was no congregation in Awka that was not appealing to

God for my little girl. Some of them gathered cash.

“I spent more than N200,000 in a portion of the supplication

houses. One of them gathered as much as N84,000. My

significant other checked the cash and offered it to him with

Mercy’s photos.

“The next day we visited, he said he saw the young lady in the

possession of one Alhaji with 32 other youngsters.

“Another prophet said it was not long my girl was kidnapped; that

she was removed from the state to Enugu. He later said she was

in the possession of ceremonial executioners. One even mentioned for N180,000, which I would not pay.

“Due to this equivalent kid, I needed to set out on one-week

fasting and supplications without water. Following that activity,

nonetheless, God began uncovering to me that my girl was as yet

alive. This was before Easter. For me, that was sufficient


“Afterward, my better half and I chose to take the child’s

garments and shoes to the raised area of our congregation where

she was devoted during childbirth. We made a few supplications

there, approaching God to find our youngster for us.

“In the mean time, we began accepting another disclosure of

where I was killed, with the banner of my eulogy. My significant

other needed to set out on a 21-day supplication and fasting,

during which he saw himself washing the kid with the blood of


Kindness’ inexplicable return

Nwadiukwu portrayed the return of her little girl as the best

marvel she had ever seen, saying she would not overlook that day

in her life time.

She stated: “It was on a Sunday morning, accurately on June 21.

One of our congregation individuals was en route to chapel with

his family when one of the girls located from the vehicle a young

lady strolling on the side of the road with a lady. She immediately

called the consideration of the father to the young lady, yelling,

“Daddy, is that not Mercy?’

“The dad halted, landed from the vehicle and moved toward the

lady, mentioning to know how she got the youngster. Despite the

fact that the lady professed to have embraced the child, the man

demanded she should went along with them in the vehicle to the

police headquarters for additional requests.

“Be that as it may, they initially headed to the congregation to

illuminate me regarding the improvement before we later headed

to the police headquarters.”

Revealing that she swooned on accepting the updates on her

girl’s return, Nwadiukwu said she was unable to trust her eyes

when her little girl was brought to her.

She stated: “I had gone to clear the congregation promptly

toward the beginning of the day since I was unable to go the

earlier day. I was there when one of our individuals headed to the

congregation with his relatives.

“He had not left the vehicle when I saw the children coaxing to

me. They immediately bounced down from the vehicle with my

little girl and began yelling: ‘Is this not Mercy your kid?’ I blacked

out. I was unable to accept my eyes.”

Nwadiukwu likewise reviewed how the updates on her little girl’s

arrival filled the air scarcely one month after she was snatched.

She stated: “It was not as long as a month after the occurrence

when bits of gossip began spreading that my little girl had been

found. I went to the school where she was hijacked and

mentioned that they should deliver my little girl however they

rather ridiculed me.

“Amidst this, I would not be disheartened. I tested God that if my

little girl was to bite the dust, it would have been during her

pregnancy when I consumed medications that a pregnant lady

shouldn’t take.

“In addition, I didn’t get her from a botanist. Since He permitted her to endure, it implied she had something to do in my family.

“How God shot the lady who professed to have received my girl

from Ogidi territory of the state where she prior dwelled to

Okpuno in Awka North Local Government Area, stays a riddle.

“And keeping in mind that I had restless evenings over the state

of my girl, especially on the grounds that it was test period, much

to my dismay that she was as a rule enough dealt with. She was

joined up with an extraordinary school where her scholastics were

dealt with.”

Nwadiukwu vowed to hand over the young lady to God by

guaranteeing she served him for an incredible remainder. She

likewise arranged pulling back her from her previous school to a

superior school where she would get quality instruction.

A senior Police official at the Central Police Station, Awka, who

addressed The Nation on state of secrecy, said a few people had

been captured regarding the case, while the casualty had since

been re-joined with the family.

He anyway said the prime suspect and proprietor of the shelter

was still everywhere, including that the issue has been moved to

the state CID for examination.

The Police representative in Anambra State affirmed the

occurrence, saying examination was progressing.