Edo PDP Governorship Ticket: Untold Story Of How Obaseki Emerged

Edo PDP Governorship Ticket:

Untold Story Of How Obaseki


The absconding of Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, to the

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on June 19, was one of the

significant triumphs in his political vocation.

That move, which Obaseki even admitted, was a restoration of his

political vocation after his preclusion by the All Progressives

Congress (APC) screening board of trustees, had been portrayed

by numerous individuals as ‘cash swallowing’. Examinations by

Saturday Telegraph uncovered that the representative had made

the transition to join PDP when it got clear to him that APC would

not give him ticket. However, numerous individuals have said that

Obaseki paid to join the PDP. Who did he pay to and what

amount did he pay to get the PDP ticket?

‘Obaseki was almost drained dry’

One of the different sources that spoke with our journalists on the

issue, Okharedia Ihimekpen, is a chieftain of the PDP in Edo State.

He uncovered that the representative needed to pay intensely to

get the gathering’s designation. Being among the six individuals

that held the first PDP meeting in 1998, he is decreed as probably

the most seasoned individual from the gathering in Edo State,

who knows the inward privileged insights of the gathering. He

stated: “It was difficult for Obaseki, he needed to take care of

numerous obligations and obligations to guarantee that he

prevailing in the game.

I won’t have the option to evaluate the amount he spent however

he paid each payable individual in the gathering. I can reveal to

you that they drained him dry before they acknowledged him”, he

said. The one-time Director of Communication during the Chief

Lucky Igbinedion’s system, who is prevalently called ‘Living

Ancestor’, additionally asserted that the senator set a few people

on his finance and consented to give out political arrangement as

a component of the arranging technique. “I can disclose to you

that such a large number of PDP individuals are now on his

compensation move, he had guaranteed them distinctive political

situations as palliative measures. That is the degree he went, it

was anything but a casual get-together for him. That is the reason

he can rise up to state he would win the political decision”, he


On the holding of the agent senator, Phillip Shuaibu, as the

running mate to the PDP applicant, Ihimekpen further claimed

that Obaseki needed to pay a different charge for that just as

those that abandoned alongside him. “It was another installment

before giving him the gathering’s ticket and permitting all

colleagues the PDP. Like I let you know, I said cash changed

hands. I can’t reveal to you the measure of cash. At the point

when the man was asking to a great extent, above all else he

began with South–South PDP governors, he was doing it steadily.

“In any event, when he went to the top, some PDP top shots in

Edo proceeded to lay snare for him, yet the man knew the game

and had the option to explore his way through. In governmental

issues, for you to destroy your way in top circumstances like that,

it isn’t ordinary and not in every case simple.

“You and I realize that the man more likely than not spent a

fortune to get to where he is today in the PDP. At once, the

trademark was ‘the most elevated bidder’ and when something

changed hands, Governor Wike got enraged and said; ‘ha, it

resembles these folks need the most noteworthy bidder, they are

charge gatherers”, he said. To additionally affirm that he was in

reality certain about his remarks, Ihimekpen was asked again to

explain whether the PDP pioneers consented to offer the pass to

Governor Obaseki.

The one called ‘Living Ancestor’ replied in the positive. “You

posed an inquiry that you have seen the appropriate response,

and you are approaching again for another answer. On the off

chance that you state the gathering’s Publicity Secretary said that

the PDP ticket was not available to be purchased, things being

what they are, presently, how did Obaseki get it? How did

Obaseki get it in the event that it was not available to be

purchased? Did he merit it?

“Was there any genuine gathering essential? How could he go

through the obstacles where individuals must advance down? As

a writer, you will currently do your investigation whether it was

available to be purchased or not”, he clarified. Likewise, one of

the associates to a serving official in the state who talked on state

of obscurity stated: “These legislators are horrendous individuals,

is it not the cash the senator would not spend for APC pioneers

that he is presently spending on PDP individuals? We that have

been languishing over him since the emergency however now ask

our companions from the PDP to give us something to purchase a

jug of brew. One of my companions from Edo Central who is an

agent disclosed to me that he was given (N150, 000) one hundred

and fifty thousand. Record has it that somewhere in the range of

three and 5,000 representatives from the 18 Local Government

Areas of Edo State assembled at the Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia in

Benin – City to cast a ballot Governor Obaseki. You can envision

how much cash has been spent on delegates alone.

Truth be told Governor Obaseki’s deserting from APC to PDP was

a reap for most PDP top pioneers in the state. We from APC that

tailed him to PDP have nothing to appear for it. I tailed him as a

result of my head, we are likewise hanging tight for them to settle

us as well, since we additionally have our supporters who are

sitting tight for us in our different towns.” Another PDP delegate

from Ovia South East who gave his name as Emmanuel Obasuyi

Osaro stated: “Yes I’m glad that PDP has come to control indeed

in Edo State. We have languished disregard over the previous 12

years, lost all our political situations to Adams Oshiomhole and

his group.

However, today it is a major bliss to me that we are back to our

previous situation in the state. For as far back as years in

resistance, I have never observed N150,000 as political cash,

however today I’m cheerful that I was given some cash as a

representative. However, for Obaseki’s abandonment I won’t have

gotten this measure of money that I have now. I need to express

gratitude toward him that he didn’t give the cash to our covetous

gathering pioneers; I won’t have seen one kobo. We are on the

whole returning to our base to our different wards to initiate work

for him. It is Obaseki or no political decision in Edo State.

Conversations on Shuaibu

In spite of the fact that the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola

Ologbondiyan, precluded information from claiming the

representative paying cash to the gathering, another PDP source,

who trusted in Saturday Telegraph affirmed that cash changed

hands. “Does anyone pay cash to join a gathering? There is

nothing of such”, Ologbondiyan disclosed to Saturday Telegraph.

In any case, it was accumulated that some PDP fat cats were

requesting N6 billion for Obaseki to run with his representative, a

sum he supposedly said was on the high side.

“Obaseki talking about with us yet we have reasoned that part

and proceeded onward”, the exceptionally positioned official

stated, taking note of that the sum was tiny contrasted with what

he paid to join the gathering and secure its ticket. As indicated by

a gathering source, the senator left behind between N8 to N12

billion to settle the gathering’s national authority for the Shuaibu

opening to cruise through while the arrangements for the PDP

ticket additionally cost him tremendous totals of cash.

‘Devilish lies from APC individuals’

Responding, the administration of the PDP in Edo State depicted

as hard-headed, underhanded and foolish, the claims in certain

quarters that Obaseki paid to make sure about the gathering’s

governorship pass to clear path for development as the

gathering’s applicant. Taking note of that Obaseki and the three

governorship applicants that ventured down took the choices in

enthusiasm of Edo individuals, the gathering noticed that charges

could be compared to a contentious housewife who out of

obliviousness and stupidity drove away her significant other that

had adored her such a great amount of just to understand his

worth and significance after he more likely than not wedded a

second spouse who treasures him with so much love.

The Publicity Secretary of the PDP in the state, Chris Nehikhare,

during a meeting with Saturday Telegraph said the claim exuded

from the pit of damnation and foolish voices of individuals from

the APC who drove Obaseki away from their crease on account of

eagerness and narrow minded political aggrandisements that

host torn the get-together into shreds at the state and national

levels. Nehikhare clarified that neither Obaseki and Shaibu nor the

trio of Barrister Kenneth Imasuagbon, Engineer Gideon Ikhine and

Omoregie Ogbide Ihama paid a dime to move into the gathering,

focusing on that they as honorable men settled on their own to

join the PDP in light of its belief system as a majority rule party

with the enthusiasm of the individuals as its concentration and


“I can let you know completely that Obaseki didn’t have to pay

anyone or anyone requested any measure of cash for him to join

the gathering. The exchanges that occurred were on the grounds

that at whatever point there will be a merger or even in

relationships individuals talk about so they know how they will

move in future. “For our applicant or wannabes when these

conversations arrived at the phase where they were totally

fulfilled they ventured down for a smooth appointment of

Obaseki. This was done not for the enthusiasm of the PDP yet for

the enthusiasm of Edo individuals, understanding that Obaseki is

a superior applicant than the other party (APC),” he expressed.

Obaseki, Shuaibu impact APC

In the interim, Obaseki and Shaibu have terminated salvo at the

APC heads for “undemocratic character” showed during the

emergency that prompted their surrendering to the PDP. Talking

during a visit to Engineer Gideon Ikhine’s camp office, Obaseki

portrayed APC as an uncivilized ideological group that has no

respects’ for established power.

“I’m extremely glad to remain here today and watch my sibling

Engineer Gideon Ikhine talk. Today you would concur with me

that history is being made in Edo State, however in the whole

nation Nigeria. Majority rule government has taken another


themselves to be masters, where things are finished with plan of

action to law. An ideological group that is untamed, party without

idealogy, a gathering where individuals get things done without

risk of punishment where honesty doesn’t anything to them, a

gathering where there is no judges and decency, so I left APC

since I don’t care for their exemption.”

Likewise, Shuaibu said that Edo individuals are prepared to swim

the huge sea with Obaseki for continuation of the conveyance of

the profits of majority rules system which he guaranteed them in

2016. He