Demand For Oxygen By COVID-19 Patients Has Increased – Lagos Commissioner Reveals

Demand For Oxygen By COVID-19 Patients Has Increased – Lagos Commissioner Reveals

Demand For Oxygen By

COVID-19 Patients Has

Increased – Lagos

Commissioner Reveals

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi,

said there was an expansion in the interest for oxygen by

COVID-19 patients, The PUNCH reports.

Thus, he said the state government had heightened endeavors to

make oxygen accessible over the nearby government regions in

the state.

Abayomi expressed this on Friday at a Zoom online course by the

Lagos Civil Society against COVID-19. The online class was

themed, ‘COVID-19 Home/Community Based Care in Lagos:

Issues and Opportunities.’ It was directed by the Chairman,

International Institute of Risk and Society Management Nigeria,

Dr Eugene Itua.

Talking during the meeting, Abayomi expressed, “We saw that

there is a slight increment in the interest for oxygen. Patients are

coming in with shortness of breath and now and then they

present (themselves) to different medical clinics needing oxygen.

“Along these lines, we are attempting to make oxygen accessible

over the neighborhood government territories so patients can

persuade oxygen treatment to be settled. When they are steady,

they would now be able to be moved into seclusion focuses and

get progressively clinical treatment and ideally, we can save them

from getting into an increasingly basic stage where we may now

need to consider ventilating.

“We’d preferably not ventilate. There are around five degrees of

oxygen treatment before we get to the ventilation stage and in

the event that we can utilize those levels and abstain from

ventilating patients, we’ll rather go down that course. In any case,

that relies upon getting the patient early enough.”

Abayomi said it was significant for individuals in networks to go

for testing early in the event that they saw COVID-19 side effects

so their conditions wouldn’t heighten to the basic stage.

“On the off chance that they are feeling unwell, they ought not

consequently think it is jungle fever or typhoid or whatever else.

On the off chance that they are feeling unwell and there is a fever,

body agonies, hack and indications of shortness of breath or

weariness, at that point it’s imperative to get tried for COVID-19

and survey their respiratory capacity so they can be admitted to a

detachment place sufficiently early to forestall getting into a

serious or basic state,” he said.

Besides, Abayomi said the state was currently trying around 1,000

individuals every day and would have liked to accomplish 4,000

tests for every day.

Because of the expanding number of patients (10,823 cases as of

Thursday, as indicated by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control),

the wellbeing magistrate said the state would before long surpass

its separation limit, consequently the reception of locally

established consideration.

He stated, “This (home consideration) isn’t new. It is suggested by

the World Health Organization. Home seclusion is an ordinary

movement of an episode and we have arrived at that phase in


“For the patients accepting home consideration, we will send

them a bundle which contains the fundamental things we give

patients at the detachment communities. The pack incorporates a

veil, hand sanitiser, thermometer and a few medications. Along

these lines, we are developing into locally situated consideration

and we’ll be holding our habitats for increasingly convoluted


In the interim, the online class’ arbitrator and IIRSMN Chairman,

Itua, said common society associations had a significant task to

carry out with respect to locally established consideration for

COVID-19 patients. He said they should bolster the different

partners and networks on the best way to deal with the