Alicia Keys Drops New Song About Police Violence

Alicia Keys Drops New Song About Police Violence\

Alicia Keys Drops New Song About Police Violence

Alicia Keys discharges passionate new melody ‘Ideal Way To Die

Alicia Keys is singing about police brutality in her new melody, named “Ideal Way To Die.”

The Grammy victor said she felt called to compose and sing the tune, as an approach to take a stand in opposition to unfairness.

“I have felt called by music like I have never felt,” she inscribed an Instagram post about the anthem. “I have been following its lead. It has driven me to the tune ‘A Perfect Way to Die.’ The melody title is so amazing and lamentable in light of the fact that WE are grief stricken by such a large number of who have passed on treacherously.”

She proceeded: “obviously, there is NO ideal method to kick the bucket. That expression doesn’t bode well. Much the same as it doesn’t bode well that there are such a large number of honest lives that ought not have been taken from us because of the ruinous culture of police viciousness.”

“Straightforward stroll to the corner store/Mama never figured she would get a call from the coroner/Said her child’s been gunned down, been gunned down/Can you come currently/Tears in her eyes/Can you quiet down/Please ma’am would you be able to quiet down?” Keys sings.

Keys said she at first expressed “Ideal Way beyond words” the passings of Michael Brown and Sandra Bland at the top of the priority list. She showed up on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Monday to make a big appearance the tune and talk about her crusade with craftsman Rapsody and extremist and organizer of Until Freedom Tamika Mallory to point out the instance of Breonna Taylor.

Likewise Friday, Keys will confront John Legend for a VERZUZ fight on Instagram Live.