8-Month Pregnant Nigerian Woman Trafficked To Lebanon And Locked Up, Cries Out

8-Month Pregnant Nigerian Woman Trafficked To Lebanon And Locked Up, Cries Out

8-Month Pregnant Nigerian Woman

Trafficked To Lebanon And Locked Up,

Cries Out

Rasheedat Taiwo Saka, an eight-month pregnant Nigerian lady dealt to Lebanon, has shouted out for help after she was surrendered to her destiny by Nigerian specialists.

Saka told SaharaReporters on Monday that regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has had no entrance to food or clinical consideration and was as of now secured up her dealers’ office nearby different casualties.

Portraying her experience, Saka said she left Nigeria after her better half kicked the bucket in November 2018 and things became troublesome monetarily.

She said three operators in Nigeria including one Mr John and someone else named Victor moved toward her and introduced her the chance of working in Lebanon.

“Before I left for Lebanon, they purchased our visa and ticket and said two months of our compensation will be theirs’ the point at which we arrived.

“I didn’t realize I was pregnant when I left Nigeria. At the point when I got to Lebanon, the organization and my boss took me to the emergency clinic, they discovered I was pregnant yet at the same time constrained me to work.

“In spite of my condition, I had to labor for a half year from house to house until the house where I worked last. I had begun indicating quite well, the lady returned me to the organization.

“I have not been paid. I connected with the operator, Mr John, and portrayed my trial to him saying I needed to return home in light of the fact that the office in Lebanon guaranteed I owed them. He excused me, saying my difficulty was excessively and requested that I contact my family to settle the Lebanese dealers in any event, when he realized I have no family. He has additionally been upsetting me, requesting that I pay him, guaranteeing I despite everything owed him subsequent to gathering my compensation from the organization in Lebanon,” she said.

Saka, SaharaReporters accumulated, is right now secured up in the dealing organization called Damaj Services in Lebanon.

“I, close by other ladies, some from Nigeria and others from Ghana, are as of now secured up a place of business.

“The bed we are resting on is kids’ size and I am eight months pregnant. All through yesterday I was unable to rest since I am in extreme torment.

“I am ravenous as well. Indeed, so eager that I needed to beseech one of the staff in the structure to purchase nourishment for me yesterday to eat, he purchased bread and gave me. At that point we were given five bits of potatoes to eat; we are more than six in number,” she deplored.

At the point when SaharaReporters reached Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairperson of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, over the issue on Monday, her telephone rang out without reaction.

An instant message sent to her was additionally not answered as at the hour of recording this report.

Adekola Damilola a lobbyist with Rescue Africans In Slavery (projectferry), a task attempting to cause to notice the predicament of dealt Nigerians in Lebanon and Oman, said the greatest test they experience is the reluctance with respect to the Nigerian Government to safeguard ladies and young ladies in peril abroad.

“There is reluctance with respect to government. They can accomplish more by sending a flight, similar to an absolution and asking all ladies and young ladies who are dealt and need to come back to return home from Lebanon, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

“Migration authorities are additionally part of the issue. They gather cash from these operators who are dealers and permit them.

“On the off chance that staff from organizations like NAPTIP are situated in air terminals, they’re prepared to realize who is being dealt and can mediate even before the ladies leave Nigeria. They ought to likewise be situated in government offices abroad on the grounds that I have known about numerous situations where international safe haven staff simply take names and protests and send the ladies back to their dealers with no activity.”

Source:- Sahara Reporters